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Creating an iPad photo booth for your party at home can make your next event the one your friends won’t forget.  It’s super easy and inexpensive to make your own DIY photobooth experience with limited time and skill.  The supplies you’ll need are inexpensive, and best of all, you probably already have most of them!


First, choose an open space with a lot of light, preferably natural light.  Just be sure that the light isn’t directly behind the subjects or they may get washed out.  You can use a blank wall – especially if it has a fun color – or you can put up a photography backdrop, curtain, fabric, or even wrapping paper.  Ideally, the backdrop should be around 6′ x 8′ just to be sure it covers the whole space if your guests are standing up during their photo session, but smaller sizes are ok if they are seated on a bench or large ottoman.  You may already have a large piece of fabric that will work, but this should cost no more than $15.


Secondly, to avoid having to hold the iPad or use a photographer, get a tripod from Target or Walmart for $10.  Cheap is fine, you just want something that isn’t going to topple over (60″ height is the most you’ll need).  Next, order an iPad tripod mount from Amazon or another retailer that will hold your iPad like a monitor.  I’ve used the Grifiti iPad mount and it works great with a standard tripod mounting screw system.  Not all iPads have the same form factor, so make sure you know what type generation iPad you have before ordering.  Pay close attention – an iPad Air is not the same size as an iPad 2.




Next, you can order photo booth props online or print your own at home, gluing them to kabob skewers.  Costume hats, sunglasses, boas, jewelry, etc. will make a great addition.  The idea here is fun, not expensive!



Finally, Imago Booth by Footstool Apps is only $.99 on the App Store and does everything you need to make your party awesome.  Each photo strip will contain 4 shots, and the screen will count down letting you know when to say “cheese!”  From the app, you can print the photo strips to your wireless printer via Air Print (so place your printer close to the booth).  The “edit” button allows you to add filters, effects, stickers, frames, and text.  The “share” button lets you post directly to Facebook and Twitter, or you can email the photo strip to someone who couldn’t make it.  (Careful, though!  Imago Booth posts directly to the Facebook Timeline or Twitter Feed of the person already logged in on the iPad!  Don’t leave the photobooth unattended or make sure you trust your guests…)  The app is built to be used in portrait mode, but the photostrip will appear in landscape mode if you place the iPad sideways. Imago Booth doesn’t have ads, nag screens, pop-ups, or cheesy watermarks like the other apps, so your guests won’t be annoyed – they’ll just have fun!

So let’s review:
Photography backdrop or curtain = free – $15
Tripod = $10 (you probably already have one)
iPad tripod mount = $20 or less
Photo booth props = $10 or less (making them at home is a good project for the kids!)


Grand total = less than $50 plus the cost of ink and paper


Professional photo booth rentals can cost $600-$1,200 for just a few hours of time.  Making your own photo booth with Imago Booth for iPad is easiest way to make your party unforgettable.




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